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TIMEWORXX first came in contact with techno in the early 90s. Caught by techno fever, he was drawn to the record stores. He rummaged through thousands of records and listened intently to everything he could get his hands on.

TIMEWORXX created his first loops with a synthesizer, a simple sampler, and a drum and bass machine. Supported by an Atari computer, he taught himself how to produce his first tracks.

TIMEWORXX celebrated his first successes with a remix for DJ Energy "Enter The Future" and with the remix project The Diggerman "Sidewalk Cafe".

TIMEWORXX (originally from Worms, now in Mönchengladbach) worked with Gerd Jakobs (No. 1 producer from NRW) on very well-known projects by Magic Affair and Loft.

Incidentally, the techno enthusiast gave "Summer Summer (Club Mix)" by Loft his unmistakable sound.

TIMEWORXX is now officially back with Heart On Fire. Together with Swiss DJ and producer Oliver Sullivan, the boys have released a 90s-inspired, nostalgia-filled record with a real "Frankfurt feeling".


TIMEWORXX Song Heart on fire Artwork
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